Ningxia Wolfberry Biological and Food Engineering Co., Ltd/Ningxia Wolfberry Goji Industry Co.,Ltd(New name updated from the year of 2015 because of IPO)was established in 1998 with the registered capital of RMB 82.5 million, and 120 employees. Under the guideline of integrity, dedicated, innovation and win-win, our company integrates organic Goji planting, development and research, manufacturing and sale, and is high-tech private enterprises specialized in Goji further processing.

Wolfberry Company is the only Goji manufacturing company direct selling to USA in Ningxia Province. Now we have seven kinds of products, including Goji beverage, concentrated Goji juice, Goji seed oil, freeze-dry Goji powder, preserved Goji berry, Goji polysaccharide, fresh Goji juice drink and organic dried Goji berry, with more than 50 products specifications. We have the Goji further processing production capacity more than 20 thousand tons every year. Our products are mainly exported to more than 20 countries and districts, such as USA, Japan, EU, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

As the technology leader enterprise of Goji industry in Ningxia Province, Wolfberry Company always stand in the forward position of Goji research. It is the innovation and technology that make Wolfberry Company steady progress. Our company possesses 7 items of invention patents, had established 7 modern Goji-deep-processing production lines. Wolfberry Company achieved seven top-class items in Goji further processing industry, and exported Ningxia Goji to the world wide.

Wolfberry Company is the Goji Angel and the Goji culture communicator between China and foreign countries. We dedicated ourselves to Goji industry, and achieved many laurels, such as "the focus of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in Ningxia Province", "Ningxia iconic brand", "Ningxia Best Brand". Wolfberry Company deeply knows that quality is the basis of the enterprises, firstly comes up with implementing "4 levels" quality control system in Goji products, and put forward the business ideas of " three Xin Goji "(FangXin, AnXin, ShuXin). We make serious commitment that "false one lost ten", is the only Goji further processing company that dear to make this promise.Wolfberry Company is the first to get the certificates such as EU & NOP & JAS organic certificates, KOSHER,HALAL, BRC, and so on. The most proud thing is that Wolfberry company is the only one in Asia to be FDA green list manufacturer since 2014 and also the only one to pass the RSWA standard social audit by UL with high score 95.

Unceasing innovation and experience in 15 years make the world quality Goji products, high technology products, and top brand Goji products in the world. Wolfberry is the guarantee of quality. High quality makes Wolfberry Company success.

Wolfberry Company is the birthplace of Chinese organic Goji, is the only company planting organic Goji. Now we have more than 1600 hectares of Goji planting Base, which are under organic planting standard, without using chemical pesticide and fertilizer. Their production mode is ecological, natural and safe. Products reach the North America, European Union and Japanese level including requirements in pesticide residue, chemical substances residue, residue of veterinary drug, which guarantee the quality from production source. Our base and plant have internationally/nationally recognized organic food certifications such as NOP, EU and JAS.

Our technological innovation team led by Professor brings Goji industry further in line with international standards. With the combining mode of industry, academia and research, our company established Goji technological center of Ningxia. There are 19  technological experts, including 12 senior title staff, 2 Doctors and 4 Masters. This team gathers many fields professionals such as Goji further processing, food engineering, automatic control and food analysis and verification, and make great contribution in defining enterprises standard, industrialization demonstration, cultivation of Goji further processing enterprise, organic Goji manufacturing practices and reaching international standard.

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