Organic Goji Planting Base

A,Goji base profile

We have organic goji planting base 3945 acres, located in Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu Province.

Goji berry is Chinese important "Medicine and Food homology" functional genuine herbs. As the origin place and main producing areas of Chinese and world wide Goji berry, Ningxia Province has the preponderant industry. Goji industry has been the important pillar in adjusting agriculture structure and transforming the economic growth pattern.

There are many problems in traditional Goji planting, such as non-standard planting, unstable quality, low safety level, depending too much on chemical pesticide and fertilizer, polluting air and groundwater, delay ripening and integrating in corresponding cultivation techniques, low penetration of new technologies and extensive management. Our company began planting organic Goji berry since 2003, and has invested more than RMB 80 million. Using the mode of transferring land and subcontracting, we have established more than 3945 acres of organic Goji base in Zhongning, Haiyuan, Guyuan and Delingha, under the Good Agricultural Practices(GAP). High standard design, scientific management and standardize manufacture as organic standard from organic base choosing, plant breeding, planting, fertilizing, diseases and insect pests controlling, picking, to transportation, further processing and sale. We apply quality traceability system, mechanized farming, standardized management, proceeding operation, stoving and processing together.

Wolfberry Company mainly introduces Goji diseases and insect pests bio-control technology in technique, such as matrine, veratrine, Cynanchum komarovii, pyrethrum; also introduces modern high biological technology (natural biological and plant pesticides such as biological protective agent, fertilizer-making agent, soil purificant, ferment fertilizer, biological enzyme, Cynanchum komarovii), combining use "prevent", "tempt", "seal", "engineer", "change", "drug".Effective prevent and control Goji pests and diseases, achieve manufacturing "safe, effective, steady, controllable" high quality organic Goji.

Our company is the only enterprise internationally recognized organic food certifications by NOP, EU, JAS and China, is the birthplace of Chinese organic Goji berry.

B,Goji Base Technology

1, Precise and balanced fertilization technology of organic Goji under quality control

Through the analysis of different parts absorb nutrient quantity, for different districts, soil types, fertility levels, research that soil affect the accumulation of bioactive constituents, biomass and physiological index, make sure nutrition diagnosis methods, establish Goji nutrition diagnostic technique index system, come up with precise and balanced fertilization technology with steady quality, study organic fertilizer only for Goji berry with the function of improving soil, increasing fertility and yield.

2, High-efficiency water saving irrigation of organic Goji under quality control
According to different conditions of irrigation, with improving Goji quality and water-use efficiency as the core, research water consumption character, growth dynamics, physiological features, accumulation of bioactive constituents under different conditions of irrigation. Make technique research about water-saving irrigation technology and high-effectively using water( use underground container collecting water) i the southern mountain districts of Ningxia. Through the analysis of two different irrigation modes affect Goji output, quality (effective components accumulation ), physiological-biochemical characteristic in different growth stages, to achieve the high-effectively using water and improve Goji high-effectively water using technology. This technology can save water in 35-45% than flooding irrigation.

3, Effective prevention and control of diseases and insect pests technology of organic Goji under quality control
According to Goji growth characteristics, study the tree structure and mowing type adapted to Goji growth characteristics, cultivated density and plant site conditions, and combine with soil sterilization, sterilize soil-borne diseases, underground pests, settle down continuous cropping impediment; apply biological pesticide, herbal medicine and natural mineral products to control insect pests, use black mulch to prevent weeds; clean the base field; apply biology and ecology principle to control plant diseases, pests and parasitic weeds. Through applying these technology, utilize space effectively and improve lighting conditions, establish a set of “convenient and efficient, economical and practical”organic Goji berry manufacturing technology under quality control, achieve Goji berry high quality and steady output.



C,Biotechnology profile

1, biological enzyme:
Enzyme-based mixture preparation, kill starscream, Cherry mite and aphid effectively, direct accessing can be killed. Import from USA, be used in organic food for more than 10 years.

2, Biological soil purifying agent technology
Be applied to degrade chemical substances residue in the soil of former Goji base, and purify heavy metal in the soil. Import from Canada.

This agent uses biotechnology to activate and degrade organophosphorus, organochlorines and functional genomics of many kinds of harmful or poisonous chemicals, and is combined with adsorbent. Therefore, it''s 4-in-1 compound preparations, and can purify soil, absorb and control heavy metal, purify water and control insect pests.

3, Biological fertilizer-making technology

Be used to activate fermented bio-fertilizer, degrade the residue of veterinary drug, wipe out worm eggs, and enhance soil fertility.

This agent uses biotechnology to activate microbial recessive gene. Through being high/low temperature and microorganism, this efficiently microbial living biomaterials (5-in-1 agent) can accelerate fertilizer fermentation, purify soil, absorb and control heavy metal, purify water, control insect pests, and can deodorize, detoxify and beneficiate of organic solid waste from the polluting industrial/agricultural and food-processing industry, than be converted to efficient and safe biological fertilizer.

4, Biological protective agents

100% biological agent, be used to control any insects and diseases of Goji berry. Spraying it 3 days before picking Goji can decompose chemical pesticide.

This agent uses biotechnology to prevent many insects and diseases. Through being high/low temperature and microorganism, this efficiently microbial living biomaterial is combined with adsorbent, and have broad-spectrum function of controlling diseases and insect pests.

5, Biological ferment fertilizer

Biological ferment, granule preparation, being used with other fertilizer can enhance soil fertility and sterilize.

This agent uses biotechnology to activate fix nitrogen of specialized microbes, break down carbon chain, ATP and other functional genomics. Through special processing, this ecological organic fertilizer has efficiently microbial living biomaterial, and has features of long manurial effect and much safe, can improve the plant growth and the products quality, enhance plant abilities of anti disease and resilience, and improve soil fertility and conditions.

6, Cynanchum komarovii and sophora alopecuroides combined biological fertilizer

During our long-term research, cynanchum komarovii and sophora alopecuroides as raw material, we invent cynanchum komarovii and sophora alopecuroides combined biological fertilizer. Through many years'' experiments, demonstration and extension, it''s applied to control diseases and insect pests in organic Goji plant, especially for  aphids, gall mite, phylloxera, thrips, crioceridae and other Goji common disease. It plays vital role in Goji planting, and is independent intellectual property and natural biological product with high efficient, low toxicity and no residue.

Compared with chemical fertilizer, 0.5% total alkali of sophora alopecuroides and cynanchum komarovii combined biological fertilizer has the advantage of low toxicity, no residue, high efficient and friendly to environmental, and conform to the development idea of health, green and organic.


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