Wolfberry Company has Goji berry juice manufacturing shop, concentrated Goji juice manufacturing shop, Goji seed oil manufacturing shop, Goji berry beverage manufacturing shop,Goji berry drying shop, etc now. Among them, Goji berry beverage manufacturing shop and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology for the production of Goji seed oil manufacturing shop are up to GMP standard. Our products include Goji berry juice, concentrated Goji juice, Goji seed oil (Goji seed oil soft capsule), freeze-dry Goji powder, dried Goji berry, etc now. Newly developed products include preserved Goji berry, purified Goji berry without pesticide residue, Goji polysaccharide, fresh Goji berry beverage, etc. Our products mainly exported to USA, EU, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more than 20 countries and regions.

Wolfberry Company has supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment, membrane separation for yielding of LBP equipment, Goji berry freshness-keeping under normal temperature automated manufacturing equipment, Goji berry beverage manufacturing equipment, preserved Goji berry manufacturing equipment, dried Goji berry manufacturing equipment, etc. We have 7 invention patents such as supercritical carbon dioxide Goji seed oil extraction technology,  Goji raw liquid normal temperature freshness-keeping technology, full nutrition health care Goji juice and processing technology, preserved Goji and its processing technology. All these provide assurances for the improvement in products quality, teachnology level and production efficiency, as well as the enterprise''s long term development.


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