Zhang Yi, the Communist party secretary of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, visited our company

Zhang Yi, the Communist party secretary of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, visited several enterprises of Yinchuan on 4th December, in order to promote enterprises'''' development, according to 18th Party congress content.

Zhang Yi came to our company in 9:30 in the morning. With the company of Xiang Zongxi, Cui Bo, Qi Tongsheng, Tao Yuan and other department heads, Zhang Yi walked into the No. 1 workshop of our company. He visited our Goji juice ( featured products of our company )production line. This Line has the filling capacity of 8000 bottles juice every hour. Zhang Yi was so interested that he took one bottle of juice, looking at it and listening to the introduction about Goji juice nutrient composition from Professor Pan Taian, the president of company.

Then Zhang Yi walked into No. 2 workshop, which was our largest workshop. Many products were from there, including concentrated Goji juice, Goji seed oil (the workshop of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction Goji seed oil), preserved Goji berry. After listening to the introduction of production line, Zhang Yi tasted preserved Goji berry, which was develop independently by our company.

In the end of this visit, Zhang Yi said he had a deep understand of Ningxia Goji industry through this visit. Meanwhile, he hoped our company, as the leading company of Goji industry, can expand national and international marketing share and supply high quality Goji products for world people. At the same time, he promised that the government will take effective measures to solve the problems company encountered and promote enterprises development.






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